Business Budget and Valuation Model


Do you want to budget in multiple currencies?

Do you need to create multiple budget scenarios?

Do you need a budget that predicts your cash flow for the next 3 years accurately?


Take your Company’s financial planning seriously.


Prepare your Company’s financial  budget and calculate the Company's value based on the standard valuation models. During the last 35 years of experience in business, I have developed hundreds of financial models. Based on this experience in various industries, corporations and in my own businesses, I prepared the most comprehensive and user-friendly template in Microsoft Excel.



What do you get in this model?

This model is targeted at small to medium-sized businesses that are looking for a Budget Model that can provide them with a comprehensive 3 year (36 months):

Income Statement

•  Balance Sheet

Cash Flow Statement (monthly cash balances for 36 months)

CAPEX (incl. Instalment Sale purchases)

•  Asset and Liability Schedules

•  High-Level VAT / Sales Tax Reconciliation 

Financial Dashboards

•  Ratio Analysis 

•  Multiple Budget scenarios in the same model, for example, Low Road, Medium Road and High Road – no need to save 3 separate versions of your Budget anymore

•  Budget that is presented in multiple currencies (up to 3 different currencies)

Caters for multiple funding opportunities, whether they be investments or shareholders loans

•  Flexibility to name all revenue streams, OPEX, chart of accounts etc. with their associated account codes which allows

Completed Budget to be exported in a CSV format file, which in turn can be imported into your financial / ERP system

All print formats are pre-defined, so a simple click on the desired option results in the selection being sent to your default printer – no formatting is ever required from you to print



What customers say


I am the founder of GloCell in South Africa, since 1999 and CEO until November 2016.
Kevan Rice joined me in 2009 and, over time, he became a business confidante and a friend to me. Since 2010, the business experienced exponential growth with group turnover exceeding US$ 400 million with over 1,000 employees.  The group consisted of various divisions and companies operating in various segments of the telecoms distribution market, with IT being a core enabler.
Kevan Rice became the Chairman of the group and served on the various boards within the company, overlooking key functions including governance, audit committees, remuneration committees and financial budgeting.
The businesses generated up to 50 million transactions per month, enabled by seamless IT processes and operated at extremely low margins. The modelling of the various businesses and divisions were of crucial importance and leveraging Kevan’s experience in building financial models was invaluable for GloCell.
I can safely recommend using Kevan for your business budget modelling.
Alessandro Mariola
Apart from the unbelievable comprehensiveness for an Excel-based budget model, it is the customization that I love the most. You will find yourself comfortable with this software, whether you're planning to launch a new business or need reliable predictions based on your company's past performance.
I would recommend this model for every small to medium-sized company, or for startups that take their finances seriously. Don’t waste tens of thousands of dollars for enterprise solutions that are way too complicated anyway.
Miroslav Michalko



How much does it cost?


Choose our comprehensive Budget and Valuation Model, for your Company’s needs.



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